Marcy AdamsNelson


art in progress

Love of art and creating. each piece is made by hand and unique in its own way.
Marcy finds humor in life and is shown through her artworks.
we only send to North America right now.


artists want to art

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6/22-23 Fremont Fair 2024
7/19-21 Alki Art Fair 2024

Ladies are friends of house plants. these ladies keep you plants from getting lonely while you are away.
$10 each

Handmade pendants are made with love and give the wearer the feeling of those special feelings.

$10- $45 each

Unique sculptures.
add these to your decor and
show your friends that
you have playful side.

Black Clay Fruit Bowl

one of a kind Raku sculpture.

Small hand sculpted pot in brown clay half glazes.

Prices show each piece is unpredictable and cannot be replicated.
The pictures cannot depict all the features .

On the
drying rack > Ceramic

See you next time;)